About me

My name is Ste and I have fingers in many pies.


My areas of expertise and interest lie in linguistics, evolutionary biology and biochemistry (in that order), but I also am fascinated by history, politics, humanism and morality, social justice, world culture and social justice (including feminism, anti-racism, trans and gay rights, workers’ rights, green issues, and equality).


I studied biology, chemistry, French and English at college and then went on to do a university degree in English and French Linguistics. I then studied Japanese and spent several years in Japan after which I returned to the UK and did 2 Masters’ degrees, one in medical translation and the other in secondary education.


I currently teach English to foreign students and I’m also a part-time translator of French, a freelance Japanese interpreter and an accent coach. I also speak lower intermediate Italian and German as well as complete beginners Russian, Norwegian and Swahili.


I was brought up in a high-control religious group, and I currently run a support group for ex-members which involves organising meetups for those who have no friends, family or support network upon exiting the cult. I am a good friend of Steven Hassan, the author of “Combating Cult Mind Control” and “Freedom of Mind”.image


In my spare time I like to read dystopian fiction, watch sci-do programmes, go to retro parties, cycle and practise kendo.


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